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If you prefer to read, go over to your Refund Request Crusher membership area. Most of the course is text. If you’d rather watch a video, I have recreated all the text as videos here and then put the images referenced below the video. Any links mentioned in the course are also recreated here. 


Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

The best way to resolve a claim is and always will be by trying to resolve the issue “AMICABLY”…
But let’s face it, it’s hard to do that through PayPal’s system… They don’t really give you an opportunity to be in direct contact with your BUYER…
The best way to reach-out to the BUYER, is by locating them, so you can get a “1 on 1” contact with them.
By trying to find a solution while you are speaking to them “1 On 1”, can only help you mediate the issue, if you are patient, polite and both ready to meet each other half way...
Let’s take a look at how easy it is to locate someone online…


You can locate people on: SOCIAL MEDIA SITES LIKE FACEBOOK
You can locate people in: SEARCH ENGINES LIKE GOOGLE
You can locate people by: NAME
You can locate people by: EMAIL
"Friend" them when possible Reach-out to them by messaging them
If you find a phone number, you can even give them a call.

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6

Module 7

When Creating A Refund Policy Page, Always Do The Following 3 things:
Make a REFUND page that you will add in the bottom of your sales pages as a link.
In that REFUND page, talk about the measures you took to help them succeed.
In that REFUND page, specify in detail your refund policy on your product(s) and service(s).

Example of a smart refund policy

PLR Content From the Training

Module 8

Module 9

Premier Accounts
Business Accounts
Frequently Asked Questions about PayPal Financing
Terms and Conditions
See if You Qualify for a Working Capital Loan
Apply for PayPal Mastercard HereActivate Your Debit Card

Create A 2-Page "Evergreen" Pre-Launch Funnel That Will Build-Up "ANTICIPATION" & "EXCITEMENT" To Generate MORE SALES...
Done For Your Emails Included...
Done For You Sales Funnel
Included... PINT-POINT Your Subscribers EXACT Needs By Setting-Up Email "TRIGGERS"...
Create Those Triggers Based On Your Subscribers "INTERESTS",
Allowing Them To Get More Of WHAT THEY WANT, And none of what they don't want...
And I Know That You Know This By Now: Every One Is At Different Levels Of Knowledge And Have Different Needs.
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Module 10


Example of Upgrade Page
Example of Oh Oh Page

The Traffic Multiplier

Keyword Attack

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