Make Videos for YouTube Without Appearing On Camera...Or Really Even Making Videos?

Ease of Use:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Value for Money:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Overall:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Pricing and Sales Funnel
Base Package: $16.93+
OTO1: $67 Unlimited
OTO2: $47 Auto
OTO3:$97 Auto Traffic
OTO4:$197 Agency
OTO5: $97 1K Per Week

Swarm is a pretty cool new concept for making videos and making money on YouTube. The nice thing is that it doesn’t require you to actually make videos. No appearing on camera, not even editing videos. It’s all done for you.

The software will help you select the perfect keyword to rank for and then you can use it to find videos to use in a compilation which you can upload to YouTube. And you don’t need to stick with the usual make money online niche either. 

In my review video, I created videos about funny cats for example and you can monetize those too. 




===My Special Bonus===



By purchasing Swarm from my link, you get the following bonuses worth $997:
Warning! The Ninja Blogging Guide and my shoutout/zoom session and YouTube art will expire when the clock hits zero:



Learn to harness the power of Google Adwords and find out why you have been wasting so much money on lead generation until now. This master course by a world renowned expert will help you finally break free and stop wasting money.


Did you know that Facebook ads are vastly different from say Google ads? 


The two ad networks are some of the largest in the world but if you apply the principles of Google ads to Facebook, you may as well set fire to your money and use it to warm your home. 


At least then you’d get a modicum of benefit from it. 


In this course, you’ll learn exactly how to target ads for a Facebook audience so that they get you the conversions you deserve. 


Twitter may be the odd duckling of social networks with its super short comments but don’t discount how powerful this network can be. 


Many marketers overlook Twitter and they do so to their detriment. In this course, our expert will show you exactly why Twitter can be one of the most lucrative hidden assets there is when it comes to paid advertising. 


The number one killer of entreprenurial dreams is distractions. You need to stay focused on your work or you’ll never be able to get things done that need to get done. 


This is especially true when you’re doing something like low content books, which are easy to say you’ll work on it tomorrow because they are such simple things. 


You need to break that distracted focus and start building your dreams today. This will help you do it. 



Originally sold for $97, this course is the best ever on how to explode your business through blogging.

It’s a mega course with impactful information which is hard to find today because it was only once ever offered with a license for third parties to give it away or sell it. 

I got it and now you can get it too!

Exclusive! More than 200 high end video clips to use with your own projects!

Get any upgrade and get a shoutout to 7K+ Instagram followers plus a Zoom session with me to discuss strategy!

Get the full funnel and get me to create your YouTube channel art and a customizable thumbnail!

Add animations to your existing websites to increase conversions!

What if you could monetize someone else’s videos for your own in stream ads? That’s what VidSkippy does for you!

Build instant traffic using other people’s hard work! It works by finding and monetizing broken links.

Ever notice those articles which seem like actual articles which are listed as promotional content at the end of a website? 

Thos are called native ads and they are an underground method for driving cheap, highly converting traffic!
In this special guide, I’ll show you everything you need to know to make these ads happen!
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