Bank $2k to $3k Per Day Into PayPal WITHOUT Ever Relying On JV or Affiliate Traffic??

Introduction to The Profit Vortex

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Ease of Use:3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)
Value for Money:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Overall:4 out of 5 stars (4.0 / 5)

Pricing and Sales Funnel
Base Package: $7.95-$12.95
OTO1: $27 Additional method to Profit
OTO2: $47 100% resell rights
OTO3: $27 Bank 5 Figure Days

OTO4: $12 Simple Method for Building a Buyer’s List

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The Money is In the List. This is a mantra that if you haven’t heard it yet should be drilled into your skull. Seriously — there is nothing more important than building an email list in order to succeed with online marketing. The thing is, building an email list is a painstaking process and can take years to get right. The Profit Vortex gives you a shortcut.

Why This is Unique

The method described here is simple and I’ll even reveal what it is: clickbanking. Basically, it’s like buying solo ads without buying solo ads. What makes this training unique is that he breaks it down as a step by step process to get it going so that you can start building a large and profitable email list for yourself.

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What I Liked

I hate wasting money and this method is a proven system for bringing in massive numbers of additional customers to your email list for free. Bottom line, I love free and this thing is one of the best methods I’ve seen.

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What I Didn’t Like

I love Bill and Spencer. They are great people and they are my mentors. However, I do have to take issue with them claiming this product is 100% newbie friendly and that you don’t need a list to start. Instead, I would say it’s near newbie friendly. In other words, I would start out using the bonuses I’ve created below to build a tiny list. It doesn’t have to be big — maybe 20-50 people. Just big enough that you have something to offer when you start using this method. There are also a number of moving parts here so it’s a bit complicated but not overly so. Overall, I give a qualified tip of the hat here.

===My Special Bonuses===

By purchasing Profit Vortex through my link, you get the following free bonuses valued at over $2,000. Note that these bonuses are exclusive. You cannot buy them anywhere else, not even from me (at least not yet, but I may pull them from this offer and start selling them because they are incredibly valuable with real world tested results):

Important In order to prevent the methods listed here from being diluted, I am giving away only fifty copies of these bonuses so make sure to get in soon.

Number of bonuses left: out of 50

Profit Vortex Keyword Attack

A guide to finding profitable keywords. This guide is much more detailed that anything else out there. It comes from years and years of research in building websites (my other job). Real world value: $197.

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The Profit Vortex Traffic Multiplier

My personal guide to 5 different methods of generating traffic online. These are traffic sources you can use to get started on building a list even if you don’t have one yet. This again comes from nearly a decade of working online and learning every detail there is to know about how to generate traffic. I go into the details of these free methods of generating traffic. This guide alone is worth a fortune and contains training you can’t get anywhere else. Real value: $497
Oh and I’m sure you are asking, Eric, this sounds great but does it actually work? Will I get traffic with the methods you teach? So I took a screen shot from a site I run for a friend to show you the traffic he has gotten over the last 28 days using the exact methods I teach. 86,000 unique visitors in 28 days is nothing to sneeze at:

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Profit Vortex 31 Email Titles and Training

Get my killer list of 31 high converting email titles along with my guide to show you where to get ideas for your own email text. This guide shows you the same techniques the big gurus use to rake in tens of millions of dollars per month. Real value: $997

10 Profit Vortex Instagram Squares

Building an online presence today means that you need to be on Instagram. That means finding cool stuff to share. I have created ten original content inspirational quote Instagram squares which I am offering free of charge and royalty free to use in any and all online properties that you may have. Real value: $97

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A bit about me: I've worked in the online world for a decade now, building websites and helping other entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground. Now I want to reach out to the wider public with my unique knowledge of internet marketing. Check out the reviews for great ideas on internet marketing.

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