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Introduction to Proximity

Ease of Use:5 out of 5 stars (5.0 / 5)
Value for Money:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Overall:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Pricing and Sales Funnel
Base Package: $12.95-$17
OTO1: $17-$37 DFY
OTO2: $27-$47 100% resell rights
OTO3: $47-$97 Reseller Rights

OTO 4: $397 Super Affiliate Classroom
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Every now and then, I come across something which makes me say, huh, now why didn’t I think of that? Proximity is one of those rare finds that made me do just that.
It’s a sad fact that the majority of the make money online products out there today are just rehashed junk. Someone takes an idea someone else came up with, they maybe put a tiny spin on it and then slap a new name on it and sell it to the masses. Proximity really is a unique product though with a fresh method of making money.

Why This is Unique

Paul and Anthony came up with a method of making money from local businesses without the need to actually do any work with local businesses. It’s a truly unique concept which has incredible potential to build you a nice, steady online income without the hassle of contacting a local business.

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What I Liked

I loved the fact that this is a truly fresh concept which doesn’t use the usual tired methods of making money online. This really is unique and doesn’t rely on the old methods that everyone has piled into lately.

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What I Didn’t Like

Honestly, not much. The concept is unique and fresh and best of all, unsaturated. If I had to choose something I have an issue with, it’s that I would have liked to see additional traffic generation methods, though I took care of that in my bonuses

===My Special Bonuses===

By purchasing Proximity through my link, you get the following free bonuses valued at over $600. Note that these bonuses are exclusive. You cannot buy them anywhere else, not even from me (at least not yet, but I may pull them from this offer and start selling them because they are incredibly valuable with real world tested results):

Important In order to prevent the methods listed here from being diluted, I am giving away only fifty copies of these bonuses so make sure to get in soon.

Number of bonuses left: out of 50

Proximity Keyword Attack

A guide to finding profitable keywords. This guide is much more detailed that anything else out there. It comes from years and years of research in building websites (my other job). Real world value: $197.

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The Proximity Traffic Multiplier

My personal guide to 5 different methods of generating traffic online. These are additional sources you can use which Kaizen doesn’t discuss. This again comes from nearly a decade of working online and learning every detail there is to know about how to generate traffic. I go into the details of these free methods of generating traffic. This guide alone is worth a fortune and contains training you can’t get anywhere else. Real value: $497
Oh and I’m sure you are asking, Eric, this sounds great but does it actually work? Will I get traffic with the methods you teach? So I took a screen shot from a site I run for a friend to show you the traffic he has gotten over the last 28 days using the exact methods I teach. 86,000 unique visitors in 28 days is nothing to sneeze at:

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A bit about me: I've worked in the online world for a decade now, building websites and helping other entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground. Now I want to reach out to the wider public with my unique knowledge of internet marketing. Check out the reviews for great ideas on internet marketing.

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